About us


The first IKEA Jeddah store was 7,000 m² and had a 10,000 m² separate warehouse for goods pick up and returns. Within less than one year of the opening, IKEA became a landmark store in the Saudi home furnishing business. In 1990 IKEA Riyadh store and it’s external warehouse opened covering an area of 6,000 m² each. In 2004 IKEA Saudi Arabia relocated by closing down the existing store and opened our first two full IKEA concept stores covering an area of 28,000 m² each and staffed with 290 co-workers.

The third KSA IKEA store opened in November 2008 on the east coast, IKEA Dhahran. The store covered an area of 23,000 m² and was staffed by 245 co-workers. IKEA Saudi Arabia 1990-2008.IKEA Saudi Arabia built an 17,000 m² custom made central warehouse in Jeddah with capacity for 11,000 m³ and 45 co-workers which opened in April 2007.

In 2014 FLOW was born out of the need to support IKEA enter the Multi Channel Sales business within Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Progressive Logistics

We believe that companies striving to capture the potential of Saudi Arabia’s economic growth need a progressive logistics player. A value-added partner who comprehends the landscape and has the capability to overcome market challenges.

Flow delivers smart supply chain solutions through comprehensive client industry expertise, seamless processes and a fully integrated IT infrastructure. From contract logistics to home installations, a personal touch and reliability are the hallmarks of our approach. We simplify complex supply chains, enabling our clients to concentrate on commercials while we ensure that they can deliver on their promises.

A progressive logistics partner providing instrumented, interconnected and intelligent solutions that enable businesses to grow and stay ahead.

Key Figures

Started operations on 1 September 2014
Current employed staff of 630 from 19 Nationalities
Saudization of 27%
Delivery and assembly fleet of 120 vehicles
Own warehouse operations of 25,000 m2

Our people believe in

Creative Thinking

To be effective we must see the potential of this market like no-one else. Rising to our clients challenges with innovative solutions that help them capture their opportunities.

Adding Value

We are partners in progress - aligning our goals with our clients and always looking to add value. The key to our growth relies on their success.


Being a pioneer in this industry is like swimming upstream. We must make adversity our friend and have an unfailing belief that we are on the right path.

Going Beyond

We value our clients, diligently working to earn their trust and going the extra mile to ensure that they keep their promises.